Scientific computing with python- Arithmetic Formatter

Hi All, I am currently attempting the Arithmetic Formatter assessment, however I am slightly confused about a task. If we have a list of 5 problems, are expected to return “Error: too many problems”, or the 5 problems in the format, or both (and if so in what order)?

Thank you for your time

Per the instructions:

Situations that will return an error:

  • If there are too many problems supplied to the function. The limit is five, anything more will return: Error: Too many problems.

This means you will show the error.

If you look at the second bullet, the other rules (related to displaying the problems), would only apply if:

the user supplied the correct format of problems, the conversion you return will follow these rules:

Also, the first sentence under Rules states:

The function will return the correct conversion if the supplied problems are properly formatted, otherwise, it will return a string that describes an error that is meaningful to the user.

The conversion only occurs if the problems have the correct format.

Bottom line is, you do not show the problems if errors occur.

Thank you for your time