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To be perfectly honest I can’t find the issue with my code but it is saying that I am having errors in my code it is saying that there are AssertionError: Expected different output when calling "arithmetic_arranger()

and this is everything I have so far
import re

def arithmetic_arranger(problems, solve=False):

  if (len(problems) > 5):
    return ("Too many problems to solve limit is 4 ")
  first = ""
  second = ""
  #error catching making sure that the inputs are plus and minus and that the only things that can be entered are digits 
  for problem in problems:
    if ("[^\s0-9.+-]",problem): used to search in the string
      if ("[/]",problem) or"[*]", problem)):
        return ("Operations can only be Plus Or Minus.")
      return ("Numbers must only contain digits.")
    #creating the array so that the numbers will be placed correctly
    firstNumber = problem.split(" ")[0] 
    operator = problem.split (" ")[1]
    secondNumber = problem.split(" ")[2] 

    if(len(firstNumber)) >=5 or len(secondNumber) >=5: 
      return ("Numbers cannot exceed more than 4 digits")

    #how the machine will do the adding and subtracting 
    sum = " "
    if (operator == "+"):
      sum = str(int(firstNumber) + int(secondNumber))
    elif (operator == "-"):
      sum = str(int(firstNumber) - int(secondNumber)) 
    length= max(len(firstNumber), len(secondNumber)) + 2
    top = str(firstNumber).rjust(length)
    bottom = operator + str(secondNumber).rjust(length)
    line= ""
    res = str(sum).rjust(length)

    for s in range(length):
      line += ("-")
    #prevents space after each number     
    if problem != problems[-1]:
      first += top + ''
      second += bottom + ''
      lines += line + ''
      sumx += res + ''
       first += top 
       second += bottom
       lines += line 
       sumx += res 
  if solve:
      string = first + "\n" + second + "\n" + lines + "\n" + sumx
      string = first + "\n" + second + "\n" + lines 
  return string 

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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