Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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So I am working on the first python project and I am really confused. I copy pasted each test case on the file and the display on the console seems to be the asked output.
Although, when I run I get 6 failures (the only code that passes being the error messages for wrong user input).
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def arithmetic_arranger(problems, get_solution = False ):
if len(problems) > 5 :
return ‘Error: Too many problems.’
# list for each line so each problem get displayed on the same line
l1 =
l2 =
l3 =
l4 =
for problem in problems :
try :
# gets the numbers or error
number_1 = int(problem.split()[0])
number_2 = int(problem.split()[2])
except :
return ‘Error: Numbers must only contain digits.’

  # gets the operator or error
  if problem.split()[1] == '+' :
    operator = problem.split()[1]
    solution = number_1 + number_2
  elif problem.split()[1] == '-' :
    operator = problem.split()[1]
    solution = number_1 - number_2
  else :
    return 'Error: Operator must be \'+\' or \'-\'.'
  # gets the length of each number or error
  length_1 = len(str(number_1))
  length_2 = len(str(number_2))
  if max(length_1, length_2) > 4:
    return 'Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits.'
  # how many dashes and setting the space between each problem
  num_line = max(length_1, length_2) + 2
  line = num_line * '-' 
  space = 4 * ' '

  # appends content of each line while adding space + right-aligning
  l2.append(f'{operator}{number_2:>{num_line - 1}}{space}')

  # turns the lists into strings
  line_1 = ''.join(l1)
  line_2 = ''.join(l2)
  line_3 = ''.join(l3)
  line_4 = ''.join(l4)

  # sets what to print according to the second argument's value
  if get_solution :
    arranged_problems = line_1 + '\n' + line_2 + '\n' + line_3 + '\n' + line_4
  else :
    arranged_problems = line_1 + '\n' + line_2 + '\n' + line_3

return arranged_problems

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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please post the errors here

And it’s exactely the same for the other 5 errors

Here is the console’s display for

next time you may want to just copy and paste the errors here rather than post a screenshot.

If you look carefully, your numbers are not indented correctly on the 2nd line in the 2nd equation.

Also you have extra ‘space’ characters (or they may be characters that look like spaces) located to the right of each 2nd line of numbers (you can see that is indicated by the ++++)

Sorry about that and thanks for the reply !

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