Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Budget App

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Hi there! im getting this failure at the end of the test:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/runner/Budget-App/”, line 102, in test_create_spend_chart
self.assertEqual(actual, expected, ‘Expected different chart representation. Check that all spacing is exact.’)
AssertionError: ‘Perc[34 chars] \n 90| \n 80| \n 70| o[331 chars] \n’ != 'Perc[34 chars] \n 90| \n 80| \n 70| [340 chars] t ’

I checked lots of times, done the same tests in my computer using VS Code and everything looks fine. I dont understand where is the issue. When the test runs in replit it prints a distortioned table with nonsense between lines (operators +, - and question marks ?). I looked up here in the forum and kept checking by myself for hours but honestly i have no clue .


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solution: Budget App - Replit

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Budget App

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I see two issues shown by the test results.
You are missing one space character at the end of each of the following lines:

 60| o       
 50| o       
 40| o       
 30| o       
 20| o  o    
 10| o  o  o 
  0| o  o  o 

Also, you have an extra \n causing an extra empty line to appear in the output.

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Thank you very much Randell. I could solve it in 5 minutes and finish the project 10/10 !!! Im not used to manage some of the test errors yet. I know i will improve catching this type of errors. Thanks again, have a good weekend!

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