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Hi, I think I’ve done the code, but an error appears.
“ValueError: empty range for randrange()”

Can someone help me?

my code - boilerplate-probability-calculator - Python Repl - Replit

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import copy
import random

# Consider using the modules imported above.

class Hat:
    def __init__(self, **balls):
        self.balls = balls
        self.contents = []
        for ball, num in balls.items():
            for i in range(num):

    def draw(self, number):
        pop = []
        for i in range(number):

        return pop

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):
    happen = 0
    for i in range(num_experiments):
        cop_hat = copy.deepcopy(hat)
        cop_exp_ball = copy.deepcopy(expected_balls)
        cor_pop = cop_hat.draw(num_balls_drawn)

        top = 0
        for ball, num in cop_exp_ball.items():
            if cor_pop.count(ball) >= num:
                top += 1
        if top == len(expected_balls):
            happen += 1


    pro = happen / num_experiments

    return pro

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Probability Calculator

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I found the problem!

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Hey, may I ask what the solution was? I ran into something similar and am not sure whether I really solved it or just silenced the possibility that there could be an error :smiley: Best regards

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