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Good afternoon!
I have some problem with test 3. My probability around 0.21 is much lower.
I have written other topics, but I don’t want to copy other code.
Thank you in advance.

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import random
from copy import deepcopy

class Hat:
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        self.contents = []
        for key, value in kwargs.items():
            if value == 1:
            elif value > 1:
                self.contents += [key] * value
        self.balls = deepcopy(self.contents)

    def draw(self, balls_to_draw=0):
        draw_out = []
        balls_in_the_hat = deepcopy(self.contents)
        if balls_to_draw >= len(balls_in_the_hat):
            draw_out = deepcopy(balls_in_the_hat)
            self.contents = deepcopy(self.balls)
            for digit in range(balls_to_draw):
                elem = random.choice(balls_in_the_hat)
            self.contents = deepcopy(balls_in_the_hat)
        return draw_out

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):
    match = 0
    expected_balls_listi = []
    for item, numb in expected_balls.items():
        if numb == 1:
        elif numb > 1:
            expected_balls_listi += [item] * numb
    for number in range(num_experiments):
        drawn_out_balls = deepcopy(hat.draw(num_balls_drawn))
        checker = 0
        for item in expected_balls_listi:
            if item in drawn_out_balls:
                checker += 1
        if checker == len(expected_balls_listi):
            match += 1
    return match / num_experiments

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