Score variable not changing

I am trying to create my own game using python, but the score variable is not changing. I want the score to go up by one every second but it does not seem to be working.
I was hoping someone could help me fix this error. The other thing that does not work is that the square does not move. I would really appriciate it if someone helped me with this code.

from tkinter import *
import random
from random import randint
import time
from time import *

root = Tk()
root.title('Circle Vs Squares')

c = Canvas(root, height=500, width=500, bg='lightgreen')
score = 0

play = c.create_polygon(-250, 250, 250, 0, -250, -250, fill='red', state=NORMAL)
play_text = c.create_text(250, 250, text='Click to play:', fill='black', state=NORMAL )
title = c.create_text(250, 225, text='Circle Vs Squares')
c.move(play, 250, 250)
game_started = False
free = True
score_text = c.create_text(50, 50, text='Score:  '+ str(score), fill='red', state=HIDDEN)
def start_game(event):
                game_started = True
                c.itemconfig(title, state=HIDDEN)
                c.itemconfig(play_text, state=HIDDEN)     
                c.itemconfig(play, state=HIDDEN)
                c.itemconfig(player, state=NORMAL)
                c.itemconfig(square1, state=NORMAL)
                c.itemconfig(score_text, state=NORMAL)
c.bind('<Button-1>', start_game)

#this is where the score comes in:
def score():
                while game_started == True and free == True:
                                global score
                                score = score + 1
                                c.itemconfig(score_text, text='Score:  '+ str(score))

player = c.create_oval(250, 50, 300, 100, fill='blue', state=HIDDEN)                
player_spd = 10
game_started = True

square_spd = 5

square1 = c.create_rectangle(250, 400, 300, 450, fill='blue', state=HIDDEN)
square_r = 20
square_spd = 5  

#the square also does not move, if you could help with that.
def move_square():
                while free == True:
                                 c.move(square1, square_spd, randint(0, 359))

if game_started == True:
                def move_player(event):
                                if event.keysym == 'Up':
                                                c.move(player, 0, -player_spd)
                                elif event.keysym == 'Down':
                                                c.move(player, 0, player_spd)
                                elif event.keysym == 'Left':
                                                c.move(player, -player_spd, 0)
                                elif event.keysym == 'Right':
                                                c.move(player, player_spd, 0)
                c.bind_all('<Key>', move_player)

#Anything wrong here?
while free == True and game_started == True:

So that’s the code and I cannot figure out why score does not change and the square does not move.

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