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My “Seek and Destroy” challenge solution passed all the tests but was different from the solutions in the explanations.

Looking for some feedback on the solution I came to. Is it just as good? Any awkward/wonky code?

For instance, one of the other solutions builds the “items to remove” array using


I like this better than what I came up with.

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function destroyer(arr) {
let newArr = arguments[0];
let darr = [];
for (let i=1; i < arguments.length; i++ ) {
let finalArr = newArr.filter(  num => !darr.includes(num))

return finalArr;

destroyer(["tree", "hamburger", 53], "tree", 53)
destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3);

// if element x is in newArr, remove it from newArr
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Challenge: Seek and Destroy

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Why go through all the bother of making all of these arrays when these arrays already exist?

Thanks for the reply. I take it I don’t need to create the arrays then? Could I just use
“arguments[0]” in place of the newArr?

Will try when I get home.

Thanks again!

You can even get slick with this:

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