Seeking Guidance: 4+ years experience as Software Developer, wanting to get hired internationally to grow

Hi everyone, I’m Jip.

I’m interested in getting hired as a Software Developer outside from my country Indonesia to grow more. However, currently, I’m stuck with no portfolio. I have a resume, I once build a startup (but failed) with my friends in which I was the CTO. I admit I’m not the best yet, but I’m really horrible at getting some traction here.

I’m mainly looking for advices, and better a mentor if available, but anything is good.
Right now, I’m trying to create some portfolio using FrontendMentor, it doesn’t show all my skill as a Full-Stack, but I guess it will do. Better without nothing?

I’ve been wanting to solve a simple social problem or something, but it’s hard to gather enough information especially, I’m just worried about getting too much of info from someone. You know, sometimes I feel like I’m interrogating someone even when I already asked for consent.

Overall, I think I’m quite stucked with a lot of things in my mind, and doesn’t know where to focus my effort to. Any advice would be helpful!

Hi Jip,

First off, kudos for taking the initiative to seek growth beyond your current borders. It’s a bold move that speaks volumes about your ambition and drive.

Your experience as a CTO in a startup, even if it didn’t succeed, is invaluable. It’s a testament to your leadership and technical abilities. While a portfolio is certainly a plus, your resume and startup experience already highlight your capabilities.

Using platforms like FrontendMentor to build a portfolio is a smart move. As for finding a mentor, maybe consider reaching out to professionals in your desired field or joining online communities where you can connect with experienced developers. Here is a list of communities you can join.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey and always reach out for support when you need it, and keep pushing forward. :muscle:

Thanks for the reply Iarymak appreciate it! That’s a really good article to a lot of communities I never knew exist! In the mean time, I will keep trying to apply daily while building my portfolios.

Do you have any advice to get me an exposure though? Does 100daysofcode still work even for someone who already in the field? Or is it only for someone new?