Seeking multiple campers to take FCC to the next level!

Hey campers! I’m part of FCC’s open-source community, and I’m slowly developing mathematics videos. I’m calling upon the entire FCC community to help me out. These videos have only been posted for 1 week, and they have already topped a thousand views. I NEED YOUR HELP!

What you get out of this deal:

  • You build your own personal brand
  • You build a portfolio of open-source work
  • You will impact THOUSANDS of individuals!
  • You can say you help develop educational mathematics videos, and people will look at you like you’re a wizard or something

What I need from you:

  • You can record your own videos, THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE ABOUT MATH!
    • Check out the link below
  • I need help transcribing videos. I thought I was going to have time, but I was wrong.
  • Writing scripts
  • Watching the videos they are correct
  • Suggesting new topics that you’re interested in

Here are my goals for the entire FCC community:

  • December: 80+ Videos Planned
  • January: 100+ Videos Planned
  • March: 150+ Videos Planned

Topics will include:

  • Sets
  • Logic
  • Relations
  • Functions
  • Combinatorial Counting
  • Basic Algorithms
  • Asymptotic Notation (Big-O Notation)
  • Intermediate Algorithms
  • Partitions
  • Graph Theory
  • Binary Trees
  • Number Theory

Can you provide links to the videos?

They haven’t been put in a playlist yet, so here are some of them.


Here are current open issues for the video challenges, formerly known as “hikes.”

I see instructions on contributing by proposing a new script and making a video, but how would one go about transcribing? Have you got some way of tracking which languages have been captioned? Is English ever needed (as the auto captioning seems to do a pretty good job)?

These videos are awesome, by the way. :thumbsup:

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Yes, English is needed for both deaf people and English language learners. I’m glad you like the videos! :smiley:

I’d like to record some videos


I can help in any way. @PortableStick is definitely the guy you need with experience in sound and media.

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Glad to hear it. I didn’t have any experience with sound or media. I had a little guidance from Briana Swift when I started out. I’ve been using my laptop camera!

What videos do you wish to shoot?

You could also translate the video transcript to Spanish, which would be huge! And, you could practice your French & Japanese doing the same thing. (I’m not psychic, I found you on LinkedIn)


Let me put this another way. @Cairos @PortableStick @IsaacAbrahamson how would you guys want to contribute? What talents do you have that would be of value to FCC? What have you learned in web development that you wish you knew in the beginning?

Something else that is deeply beneficial is writing Medium posts.

@SEGrooms For the algorithms/structures, are you dividing them into groups?

I haven’t used FCC in a while since going to uni, but I do feel that it may be beneficial to separate the concepts (especially the difference between data structures and algorithms that employ them)


  • Linked lists
  • Divide and conquer
  • Recursion
  • Trees, tries


Would definitely be willing to review videos and provide feedback!


Are you going to review basics of linear algebra, matrices?
A gitter room would be useful for organizing the work :slight_smile:

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Yes, data structures would be distinct from algorithms. I’m not planning to cover data structures, but I would happily record videos on them. I’ve never had a formal course on them, but I’ve been learning from Michael Olorunnisola. Some algorithms I plan to cover are: linear search, binary search, bubble sort, merge-sort, topics in graph algorithms, b-trees, etc. If you were to write scripts, it would be greatly appreciated! Also, you could could publish medium posts as a companion series to Michael’s. It would be a good way to practice algorithms and build your portfolio!

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Yes, we have someone working on a linear algebra series. If he doesn’t finish it, then I’ll work on it. It’s one of my favorite subjects. We have a gitter room for all the contributors. When on gitter just look for FreeCodeCamp/contributors. I would also recommend checking out the linear algebra series and helping review Anthony McDonald’s videos. He is new to the process, so we keep giving a lot of feedback. Also, there is nothing stopping you from recording algorithm videos on your own!

@SEGrooms I would be happy to help transcribe the videos! I would also be willing to take a crack at translating to Spanish, though finding a native speaker would be preferable.

I am new to contributing to open-source, can you tell me specifically where and how I can help?

Thanks for making this an even better community!

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I help with forums (obviously), and a little bit on GitHub and Gitter though I want to do more.
I can record videos, proofread scripts and videos, and something I’m better at - create powerpoint diagrams, animations, slides, etc. for you if you wish.

If you want me to record some videos, I can record and create some slides for javascript functions, objects and inheritance, etc.

@SEGrooms I can help with the video translation to spanish :thumbsup:

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

I would be happy to transcribe any video(s) and I can check the Linear A;gebra video(s) for accuracy.

Susan Kiley

One of the biggest helps you all can be is to recruit more people! Also, if you haven’t already, join the freeCodeCamp/contributors room. If you just want to help contribute in general, go here!

@ReRunJMC @Diego_Perez would you two mind translating any of the freeCodeCamp videos to Spanish? I recommend that @Diego_Perez takes the lead, since he lives in Chile. In terms of where to put the scripts, I’m not sure…just put them in your word processor of choice for now.

@dvaun If you write scripts for data structures, I will happily record videos for them. Also, if you don’t want to have to figure out how to split them up, then just make one long word document and send it my way. I should be able to figure out how to split it up for 2 minute videos. Also, you and @srkiley1 could write and/or edit scripts for linear algebra topics. The open issues in GitHub are not exhaustive, and I believe there will end up being 50+ videos on the subject. They are just a good starting point.

@srkiley transcribing any of the videos will be a big help for the ELL and Deaf community! I think they are often overlooked. This transcript will also make it easier to translate videos into multiple languages.

@IsaacAbrahamson we collect some data on how people wanted to learn, and powerpoint was the worst :frowning: So, we have switched to using whiteboard. I think that if you created a series exclusively for JS, it would be pretty cool. I think an interesting challenge would be making a series that complements the “Math for Programmers” series, by showing how the math would look in JS and stuff to watch out for like concatenation/round-off error. However, the easiest way it sounds like you would be able to contribute is by helping build the new curriculum.

@PortableStick If you have tips on how to create a better sound and media experience in the cheapest/easiest way possible, I would love to hear it! I think it would be a good Medium article as well.

@Cairos Do you have any particle topics you wish to record?