Seeking Project Feedback - Quote Machine

Hey everyone! I was looking to see if anyone could please give me any feedback regarding this project? Thank you very much in advance!

Some questions that came to mind while making the project(feel free to answer):

  1. Does anyone know a free working quote API? I couldn’t find a reliable one so I resorted to using a local json file.
  2. When I switched to a local database, I got a warning regarding the React Hook useEffect. Does anyone know how to get rid of this warning?
Line 36:6:  React Hook useEffect has a missing dependency: 'displayQuote'. Either include it or remove the dependency array  react-hooks/exhaustive-deps

Edit: I somewhat resolved issue 2 with a solution from stackOverflow.
I put this in my useEffect to get rid of the warning in the console.
// eslint-disable-next-line

Hey, just a few things:

  • You jumped from an h1 to h4 heading. You should always go in increments of 1, so the h4 should be an h2.
  • I would put max width on the quote-box div. As I widen my browser the author is aligned right and gets further away from the quote.
  • As I increase the text size your name at the bottom starts to break out of its container.
  • Also at increased text sizes as I narrow the browser window the side padding on the quote-box remains the same and thus there is less horizontal room to display the quote and so you only get 1-2 words per line. I would suggest removing most of the side padding at narrower widths.
  • Concerning the quote API, someone put together a Simpsons quote API for people to use for this project:
    Created a Quote API for all to use!
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@bbsmooth Hey! I finally got around to implementing your suggestions. Thanks to running through these suggestions, I relearned a few things like making a sticky footer w/ flex and fetch API basics. Anyways, thank you very much for taking the time to review my project. :pray: :grin: