Seeks new career. Thinking it software engineer is itc

43 yr old male now seeking something new. I have been working in construction all my adult and mid- late teens life and now wanting out. My body isn’t what it used to be, im pulling up with a few injuries these last few years and have had enough of the physical hard graft in all weathers slaughtering ourselves so with that said, I’m hoping to start my new adventure very soon.

I’m very hard working and really welcome a new challenge learning something new. I wouldn’t have an it experience although I have built my own web site for my business although this was using wix which once you get the hang of it, it’s basically like using Facebook I found.

Is earning a salary between 75-100k euros take home after say 5-7 years in this industry hybrid working from home and an office a pipe dream in Ireland? This would be the target I’ll be setting myself and the higher towards the 100k, the better. I live in the countryside and hybrid working sounds very appealing to me after so many years outside working.