SEO Basic guide - 10 Tips

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SEO is a huge topic and I’m going to walk you through a few steps I follow, its easy, quick and free…

Don’t get fooled Many video’s adverts say get your website listed in 5 minutes with 2000 views… not possible don’t fall for it, I have read and watched countless video’s which are useless or trying to sell you something.

There’s no way of just appearing on the first page of google in one hour or sometimes a day. Google has its own algorithm and it changes all the time so its no use trying to get past or fool Google. Google will rank your page according to its content, responsiveness and usability.

###A few things that makes helps your site with SEO is:

  • Many pages (having little content on your website is not good)
  • More text than media as its better for Google to read the content.
  • Not to have more images than text as google is looking for information.
  • Responsive
  • alt text added in HTML tags
  • Meta tags
  • Social media links
  • Back links help as well though don’t do anything illegal.

###Webmaster Academy:

###These are a few steps I go through after uploading a website:

  • Submit URL to Google LINK
    If you want go ahead and submit URL to Bing and other search engines.
  • Add website property to Google LINK
  • Under Google webmaster      ^
  • Add sitemap
  • Verify your site
  • Choose Country (if you want only a certain country)
  • Under the crawl section – fetch as Google
    :wrench: There is many more sections under webmaster tools which you can explore
  • Highlight your website data LINK
  • Set up a Google Business page (make sure to get everything verified)

That’s all that I use and could think of, after that its up to Google. Sometimes your site takes days to appear and at other times months…

Google adWords, referrals, get friends to advertise …
It would also be helpful to go ahead and advertise your website on all of your social media.

Good luck :exclamation:


I’ll definitely coming back to this post. I know just enough about SEO to get myself in trouble.


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In the beginning of 2016 Google has changed a lot of things, when it comes to SEO. I really don’t know to much about these changes, but when I do know enough about it, I will post it here.


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Helpful post, saved time looking forward for more tips.

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Very useful and important for SEO.

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I am a SEO beginner too dudes

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Really Helpful Post!! This is exactly I was looking for! Thanks for sharing, buddy! Keep it up!

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