Sequence of courses

I started learning here a while ago and had to stop. I want to start again, but I noticed that the JavaScript course assumes that you already have some front-end knowledge. Should I complete every single course here in sequence, or is it possible to skip most of the front-end material? Will I be able to complete all the back-end courses without front-end knowledge?

Hi @matheuspeteixeira !

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The curriculum was designed to be done in order.

So if you don’t have basic HTML and CSS, then when you get to the javascript and more specifically DOM maninulation, then you won’t understand how it works with HTML.

The backend cert teaches node and express.
So if you don’t know javascript, then you won’t be able to do those certifications.

As for the relational database cert, if you don’t have any prior programming knowledge, then it will probably be harder to get through it.

As for the python scientific computing cert, it starts with programming basics and goes from there

hope that helps

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