Set Default Parameters for Your Functions - Challenge won't test

Tell us what’s happening:
I can’t get this challenge to test for me.

I have used multiple computers, and multiple browsers.

In addition: Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters
will not test for me as well.

Again have used multiple computers, and multiple browsers.

The challenge: Use the Spread Operator to Evaluate Arrays In-Place
worked fine for me.

Thanks for your consideration.

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const increment = (function(number, value = 1) {
  "use strict";
  return function increment(number, value) {
    return number + value;
console.log(increment(5, 2)); // returns 7
console.log(increment(5)); // returns NaN

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give default value in inner function too.

It works if you only change the inner function. I am not sure if it works if you change the outer one, too.

That worked.

Thanks a lot.