Set the Font Family of an Element: Google Chrome don`t support Monospace Font

In latest Chrome you can`t use Monospace so you can stuck with that that task.
There is no problem on Mozilla.

I propose to change subject of this task to another font or something.

Yes you can, it works fine. Every computer supports the generic fonts monospace, serif, sans-serif, cursive and fantasy, they aren’t really specific fonts, they’re just the generic ones provided on the system (ie so that if there are no fonts installed at all, you can still view text).

Are you putting quotes around the name 'Monospace' by any chance? Because generic fonts shouldn’t be quoted. Still works with the quotes though, the test should just pass.

Screen from Google Chrome. That is passed task that I`ve done using Mozilla.

You haven’t closed the style tag, Chrome thinks all the code is a <style> declaration so it’s not rendering anything. I assume you’ve closed the tag in Firefox

If a font isn’t available but the code is correct, the text is always rendered, otherwise lots of the internet would just be blank screens

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You are right. Problem solved.