Set Zoom Preferences on opening local PDF

Hey guys I’m building a website - It’s for a small business & there is a section for product literature that links to local pdf files that I have downloaded and reside with the site. My goal is to have these pdf files set to a certain zoom percentage% on opening. When a customer clicks on the link to the pdf it would be cool to have them open @ 50% of the current zoom. There seems to be some solutions if the pdf file is a url, but I want all my files to stay local - as the files open more quickly. If anyone has dealt with this problem before (and perhaps found a solution) it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks !

What do you mean?

You could use PDF.js to embed the PDFs in your HTML. This lets you easily set the scale of the embedded document.

by local i just mean that the pdfs are in with the site files - I don’t need to do something as complex as embedding them in the site. essentially I just want the zoom preference to be set to a certain value when i open the pdf. I dunno if there would be some simple javascript I could attach to the pdf file via acrobat.

Thanks for replying - it’s definitely appreciated

You don’t need any JS to do this… just append this to the end of your URL/pdf.

myfilename.pdf#zoom=xxx    ; where xxx is the zoom factor, 100 is 100%, etc. adjust values up or down 

Awesome tip!! Thanks a lot!