Shall I develop the backened first or frontend of a webapp?

I am trying to develop a complete webapp as my internship project. I will be doing both the frontend(Jquery or React) & backend(NodeJs) work by myself. I have the wireframes done. Also I have made my plans on the database models. I am confused as to whether start working from the UI or to start working from the backend. This will be my first full-fledged app. Please help out.

will this be your first full stack app?

For me I enjoy the back end more…getting a aback end API working is fun for me. Once that’s done “attaching” a front end is easy b/c you have all your data read adn don’t have to pad the build with fake data.

But I’ve seen other people work on a front end first. I don’t think it’s abig deal, as long as it feels like it’s workign smoothly to you.

Interested to hear what others have to say

It will be full-stack. I new to backend. That is why I’m confused.

All i can offer is to try the (relatively quick) microservice APIs here on FCC, they teach you to serve information from the back end. Connecting it to the front is trivial. That’s the way I learned. I also checked out several tutorials by to help connect front to back end.

I will not be having issue getting APIs for the database. I will be using a platform for that which will be creating the APIs for me to interact with my Postgress database.

Whatever works for you, there isn’t a rule set in stone. If i were you i’d start with the back end, since you’re less experienced in it, it might take way more time than you expect, so it’s better to be done with it first so you don’t end up taking longer than you can.

I usually work on the backend first.

  1. The client may still be changing their mind on how the frontend looks.
  2. The frontend is easier, it’s usually template driven, just displaying records from the database.
  3. The backend may take longer as it’s a bunch of CRUD on different tables used by the frontend.

What all do you need your backend to do then?