Sharing my story

Three years ago, I enrolled at university (a different subject than anything computer related). During my first term break, I got bored one day and just sat in front of my computer (not in the mood to watch another movie on Netflix). Somehow I ended up on the freecodecamp page, and I started to “code”. It was fun. The next day I wanted more, and I had created my own web page by Christmas. Nothing too fancy, but it was a start. In this way, I started to develop my passion for IT. Fast forward, I have done four courses (most cybersecurity related), and I landed a job as 1st line support ( I will start in November).
Looking back, I like to say that my IT passion started from boredom and developed into something incredible. For many, 1st line support is nothing, but you need to understand that everything I did to get here was self-learning and perseverance (a lot of tears and frustration). I had no one to ask advice from except my best friend Google :slight_smile: I am happy that I am the first in my family to get in this direction, and who knows, maybe I opened a path for my descendants.


Thats a great story, and a great example of how hard work and your determination paid off. The job may not seem that big of a deal to some like you said, but guess what? You go tour foot in the door, and with a few years of experience you could try and move up or find another position. I recently started a full stack developer job, and I did get a bachelors degree. However, I feel like I learned more through FCC and other websites more than sitting in a classroom. Congratulations on your new position!

Thank you so much!
Congratulations to you too!
You are right, the hard work did paid off. Hopefully in five years time I will be in forensic criminology.

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