Should I skip the "College Algebra with Python" course and start looking for jobs?

I’ve just completed the first few lessons in the “College Algebra with Python” course in the core curriculum, and after doing all the core curriculum in order, I can’t help but feel unchallenged by the content of this course. As much as I want to “graduate” freeCodeCamp by completing the core curriculum, does it make sense to skip this if I’m already proficient with the math principles it covers?

For context I left my previous job in game development serveral months ago due to the job market becoming extremely limited (even moreso than the rest of tech in general). I have been doing fCC to gain credibility as a software developer outside of games, since all my knowledge was very specific to the tools used in making games. Every course I have done has taught me new things I had no prior experience with - like HTML, Javascript, Python, etc. That being said, mathematics is a very transferable concept and one I have a lot of experience with coming from games.

Also, I do have a bachelors degree, but it is from an art school (accredited) so I don’t think it holds much water when it comes to math knowledge lol.

So ultimately my thinking is that if I skip this course, I have “finished” fCC, on my own terms, and I would start looking for jobs after getting a new resume & portfolio in order. I think really what it boils down to is the completionist inside me is bothered leaving this one stone un-turned. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the matter!


you have no obligation to complete any course, above all if it doesn’t help you. Create your own path!


You prior experience in game development - which I find hands down one of the most difficult forms of development - will have more weight than a cert from fCC.

Plus the portfolio projects. How about FinTech and data encryption? You can combine math, your new skills and spin up some impressive side projects.

Best of luck!