Should i use sticky or fixed when i want a navbar to move when i scroll

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Should i use position: sticky or fixed when i want a navbar to move when i scroll? I read that sticky doesnt work in Internet Explorer or Edge 15

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You definitely want to use fixed when you want to move the header at any point, because position sticky is like having 2 properties at one, absolute and fixed. Using fixed will also give you more control over your header position. I hope this helps you on your project.

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Thanks. But i find sticky easier to use. because for fixed i need to add maybe a margin and other codes for it not to overlap other content. while sticky i just need to add top:0;

But i am wonder if sticky should be completely avoided because some browsers dont support it and that its a bad practice to use sticky.

Nah… Internet explorer should be avoided because it doesn’t support. . . well, a lot of stuff… lol


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