Should the english cirriculum be space friendly?

It shouldn’t be that difficult to trim the answer responses before checking them.

I’m pretty sure all I have to do is change the lines to

    const newAnswersCorrect =
      (userAnswer, i) => userAnswer.trim() === blankAnswers[i]

I think this is happening because the new curriculum uses a ton of Regex unfortunately

That would be true of a fair amount of the new curriculum. However a lot of the English course content is fill in the blank, which uses a completely different system for evaluating answers.

One of the example challenge files.

The answer is listed in the blanks portion and is matched directly as I have just demonstrated.

I have only seen a few of the steps when helping on the forum.

If it’s purely “fill in the blanks” then it shouldn’t care about spaces. But I think some of the challenges might require proper spacing, like after a comma or similar. So I’m not sure if we can ignore all spacing.

But I would agree that for at least 95% of what I have seen it shouldn’t care about the spaces.

I would open an issue for it and ask.

I’ve actually double checked the existing English curriculum. I don’t see any challenges that start with or end with a comma or require spacing before or after. Nor do I see any English lessons that involve commas or spacing before or after.

At the very least, trimming leading and trailing spaces feels like a good idea.