Show the Local Weather - Completed

Hello Coders,

I have just finished the local weather. I have only used vanilla js this time as in the previous ‘random quote machine’ project I used jQuery. I think this would be my Version I app because I have just started with free code camp challenges and as I improve my coding skills there would be a more complicated app.
I would love some feedback.

Thanks for your time,

P.S Thank you for all your help @noyb, @RandellDawson, @kevcomedia, @michal9909.


Hi Simon,
I like the project it is cool. However I do have one point you might want to consider. I know that you are proud that you did this But you might want to put your ‘signature’ to the right or left. It currently get in the way of the text box.
Over-all great!

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Thanks for the comment and your encouragement @mccurcio.
I know there are still many more things to consider. This is my 2nd project that I have done and the pleasure that it gives you in the end has no words to describe. Looking forward to further progress.

Cheers, Simon :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice project, love your clean code!
I would suggest a text-shadow. As it stands, it’s tough to read some of the text, especially the Celsius and Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the rest looks great

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Thank you for your review and suggestion @drregg6. :+1:
I wanted the code to appear simple to everyone who would inspect it and I did my best I could.