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I’ve just gone back to my weather app and its now not working on my mobile device or google chrome.
Here is a link to my page

I’d appreciate any ideas why as I said it was working a few months ago.
The error appears to be getting the users location it works on firefox but not firefox on a mobile device.

Hi, well, when i open the console i can see 3 errors : one that tells to include jquery before bootstrap , and two others about loading page over https, but the api calls are using http .

i tried to enter codepen using http but the browser (chrome) uses https, so i think that you may need to look for an api that uses https. i guess

Thanks for taking a look, I can see the issue with http and google chrome now that you’ve pointed it out. I have no idea yet for a solution.

Maybe this is why…

Im having simular problems with my Get Weather App and after searching, I found that alot of other peoples Weather apps are down.

That is indeed the problem, openweather is an http api and code pen now blocks active mixed content

Its not even just that, It wont even connect to my IP address link. Do you know any alternative API links or methods to get the API? anything with https…

The Dark Sky API and APiXu are https

Oh great, dow it require a request for an IP address?

I’m looking into it myself really, because I’ve just noticed this codepen change myself.

Yeah its tricky I guess as its a security issue.

Any luck connecting to your API?

The simplest solution right now is to use a cross origin proxy like

I suspect you can probably write your own api proxy with express and deploy it to a platform like google app engine or Heroku if you’re familiar with backend development

im only starting to learn about Backend development now. Learning Node.js