Showing error in Word Blanks,

**Hi all, I am getting the following error. Please help.


should contain all of the words assigned to the variables








separated by non-word characters (and any additional words of your choice).**
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const myNoun = "dog";
const myAdjective = "big";
const myVerb = "ran";
const myAdverb = "quickly";

// Only change code below this line
const wordBlanks = "The" + myAdjective + " " + myNoun + " " + myVerb + " " + myAdverb + "."; // Change this line
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Word Blanks

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Hey @gaditya931 try adding the following below your code:


And see what the console print out. From there you should be able to see the error pretty quickly :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :sparkles:

Thank you so much @Marmiz. It worked. thanks a lot.

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