Simon game complete

I have finished my simon game and would love some input.
Simon Game

  1. Font-awesome, howler and jQuery are very big libraries for such a tiny app, are you sure you need them?
  2. IDs should be separated by “-” or “_”
  3. I see a closing footer tag, but not an opening one. Perhaps use more HTML5 tags in general
  4. Avoid uppercase variables, if you have to use them at least separate them with a dash or something
  5. JS files starting usually contain classes, if they don’t user lowercase letters
  6. I like your approach to styling, your build process allows you to use the most important SASS features, without actually using SASS. I’d give a pre-processor a try if you have already
  7. You have webpack and gulp? Why?
  8. Some comments in your code would be nice

Great work! I’m very impressed!

  1. Font-awsome (forgot i had it wasn’t using it) going to remove it
    Howler i was just seeing what it was but will revert to native sound
    jQuery is just what i have been using but i could revert it to native js
  2. not exactly sure what this means
  3. footer tag was mistake, use more tags noted
  4. I use uppercase only for constants but can see why to avoid it
  5. Was unaware of this will start to do it this way.
    6-7. I use gulp to build my doc folder and to apply postcss and sync my browser.
  1. Learn JS first, then use jQuery if you need to
  2. instead of <label id="strictBtn" class="btn_menu-strict"> do <label id="strict-btn" class="btn_menu-strict">

Also, please a link to the code, not just the live app, when asking for feedback