Simon Game Completed - Feedback

Hello Campers,

I just finished my Simon Game, well I think I finished! Would be great to hear some feedback. Hope to get the front end certificate soon :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Try turning off your game once you have already clicked Start and the turn it back on. Notice anything strange?

I notice 3 issues:

  1. The game should not be at level 1 when the game is turned back on

  2. Why does it say Restart instead of Start?

  3. Why is there a line through Restart?

You need to test your game much more before releasing it to the masses.

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You are referring to the audio playing even after the game is turned off right? I got that to after your feedback.

The purpose of the restart is to be more explanatory. That will not start the next current game sequence but will start a new game.

The line was to indicate the button is disabled during the game sequence is playing.

I will fix the problems you found. A really appreciate your valuable time. Thank you