Simple leap year checker

What’s up guys, Please check out my recent Project it’s simple, clean and dare i say Responsive. Click here to go check it, feedback(s) would be amazing!

nice animation, but it doesn’t work really well: for example, 29th February 3000 is not a valid date, but your tool says that 3000 is a leap year.

Every year that is evenly divisible by 4 is a leap year, unless they are evenly divisible by 100, in which case they also need to be evenly divisible by 400.

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Fix the logic as @ilenia said, also work on its styling, spacing, etc. Animation part is good.

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Thanks for the feed back(s), Getting my debugging googles

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I literally have no idea how to make it behave correctly that way without creating some other bugs, Any help plz?

here you check for the number to be divisble by 4, you need to add the other checks too

else if (values.length === 4 && values % 4 === 0) {
			return (myOutput.innerHTML =
				"It's a leap Year!");

		} else if (values % 4 > 0) {
			return (myOutput.innerHTML = "Not a leap year");
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