Simulate Actions Using a Headless Browser : how am I to solve this?


I’m editing what I wrote underneath because I’ve looked at the next challenge:
In this challenge a lot less is asked than I thought.
All you need to do is add the code that is provided .
But :
1)I don’t understand what I’m doing when I’m adding this code,
2) And I thought I had to pass another test, since all previous challenges implied this.
The result was confusion.
So, at least for me, it would be better if you simply mentioned this: this challenge does not require you to pass another test and prepares you for the next challenge.
And then we’re all happy again.


It’s the very first time that I feel a challenge is really incomprehensible. How am I supposed to figure this out ?
I confess, I am spoiled by the excellent quality of FCC’s challenges and it’s true, this challenge has introduced me to the concept of a headless brower and zombie.js. So that’s a win.

Ok, so I found the answer on the forum and finding that I found corresponding documentation and I understand the answer.

So, yes, I’ve learned and I’m grateful. But only because I’ve copied the code.

  1. There could be links to where people can find what they need. I found one link :
    Zombie.js | Zombie → go to assertions. (It seems quite obvious that one should go there, but obviousness is a feeling for people who have found the answer, all the others feel really miserable.)

  2. tell people to target the html elements (use an example).

  3. What is this suitsetup hook really, what does it do exactly how does it connect chai or mocha or whatever it is to zombie?

Nevertheless, learned lots of new things. So thank you.

Karin Meersman

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