Single background image that covers both fixed header and hero section

Hi, I was wondering how could one have single background image cover entire hero section and fixed header. I’ve made a separate div that includes both header and hero and gave it background image, and it looks fine if the header isn’t fixed. But If I fix header (which I have to to complete user stories) it breaks.

This is link to project, just started on it so it’s bare bones but I’m still curious how to pull that of.

everything you need to know about backgrounds - mdn

Thanks, I’ve googled it a bit and first link I found was from w3schools, is mdn web docs the one I should be checking out for future refrences?

yeh mdn is usually the go-to for references but mostly stack overflow via google for trouble shooting.

fixed nav

background cover

I think I figured out the problem, I forgot to remove the empty div I’ve created with the same height as the header, I’ve used it just so I can push the hero section a bit down so when I’ve made header transparent that empty div kept showing.