Size your images-Exercise HTML

Hi guys, I need help with this exercise. It tells me that it’s wrong.

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For future reference please link to your work so we can have a close look and also use the HTML CSS category for questions on this course.
From what I can see your code looks to be ok so I would guess that there is some sort of add blocker or dark mode running in your browser which is affecting the tests.
Try to dissable them if that’s the case or try another browser

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have you given the class to the image? you have not given all your code so it’s impossible to see that

it look like you haven’t give your image([img]) smaller-image class. You should’ve edit your image like this
img class=“smaller-image”

somewhere in main

Omg, that was the mistake, thank youuuu so much

Thank youuu!!! I didn’t realise it

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