Slider with “Random” button

I wanna Create sth like this, but im relativly new to javascript

the main features shout be:

  1. the Slider should start at a random position (image)
    2 when you “click” the “Random” button, the slider moves x(maybe 20images)
    there not be everytime “20images”, so it need to be a infinte slide.
    3 images shown, and the image that was picked by the “randombutton” must be in the middle

i hope you understand, what i mean :slight_smile:, if there are any questions, dont wait and ask

if anyone could help me, that helped me so much!! <3

Do you have any code yet that we can see?

from .js nothing :slight_smile:
only the html and css code :slight_smile:
i saw some sliders “tutorials” that i recreated,

but the “random” part, is for me impossible :wink:
because im mainly a designer

We are not here to write your code for you.

But, if you want to learn how to do it yourself, you have found the right place!

im only here to learn how to, because today or later, i need to know how this works, so i can do it at another project

  1. Create a click event using JS or jquery

2 Use. Math.random to pick random slide…

Not sure what your knowledge base is to be able to guide you… Where are you in the FCC curriculum…?

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someone know, how i start randomly, and when i press “next” it goes ,maybe 50images away ? :slight_smile: