Small response please [Spoiler] NEW

const person=(name, age, gender)=>({name, age, gender})
console.log(person("a", 1, "m"))
Console: {name: "a", age:1,  gender:"m"

Alright, just one question, where are colons coming from when I log it out?

That’s how objects are printed:

   property: value, 

Hey @MissingFable,

The colon is just a way to show that it is actually an object, because that’s how you declare an object.
So this right here,

Creates a variable name person, that takes the parameter name, age, and gender. Then automatically puts it into an object with it’s name, so name is declared as name, age is declared as age. Essentially this is what’s happening in the background:

const person = {
  name: name,
  age: age,
  gender: gender

As @ArielLeslie already displayed us what an object are printed.

@Catalactics: wrong person! but thank you for remembering me! :wink:

Sry bout that, just used to seeing you on the forums. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile: