Smooth scroll issues

Hey all,

So I’m struggling with 2 things right now:

  1. I have a smooth scroll code implemented, and it sort of works. The actual action is what you’d expect, but it’s a little glitchy/not-so-smooth in Chrome. I’ve tried it in IE and it’s works perfectly. I don’t think it’s just a general Chrome issue because other (not my) smooth scrolls work fine in my Chrome browser.

  2. Implementing the smooth scroll code made my navbar not work at all on mobile, although if I collapse the screen to a tiny view in a browser it works fine…?

Full code here:

404 page not found
maybe codepen is sitting on your memory hard, and it doesn’t work as it could…

If you want to see the most updated version, you can find the link here:

I’ve migrated everything over to GitHub, because there’s a few glitches in CodePen itself (and not the code itself) that prevented a few functionalities from working. Once I transferred everything to GitHub, everything worked as it should. :slight_smile: