So I am having issues with running this program, it's requesting for at least one query but I have already done it but it's still not running

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/* file: index.html */
<head><Link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
<meta charset="UTF-8" /><meta name="viewport" content="width=device -width, initial-scale=1.0" /></head>

<main id="main-doc">
  <section class ="main-section " id="Birth_of_Ojadile"><header>Birth of Ojadile</header >
  <p>Ojadile was the sole male and last child of his parents: </p>
  <ul ><li>one </li >
  <li>two </li>
  </ul >
      <p>He was born in <code>Amandine</code > Lokoja </p>


      <section class ="main-section " id="Travails_of_a_youth"><header>Travails of a youth</header>
         <p>When he was but a teen, his father passed away:</p>
             <li>three </li>
             <li >four </li >
             </ul >
          <p>He had to balance between managing his father's business and taking  care if the why<code>family</code> </p>

          <section class ="main-section " id="A_new_dawn"><header>A  new dawn </header >
              <p>Due to his faithfulness and diligence to his work the business <code>prospered</code> </p>
                  <p>He started opening branches in several  locations  and places </p>


              <section class ="main-section " id="Battle_of_kings"><header>Battle of kings</header >
                  <p>He encountered numerous envious people  who don't like how successful he has become:</p>
              <ul><li>five </li></ul >
                      <p>Ojadile overcame  all adversities  because  of his <code>unyielding</code> spirit </p>

                  <section class ="main-section "id="Fall_of_an_emperor"><header>Fall of an emperor </header>
                      <p>Ojadile lived  a good  life and was helpful to the <code>society</code></p>
                          <p>The sun rises and set so is a the death of a <code>noblenoble</code >  natural </p>
  <nav id="navbar">
      <header>Nav links </header >
        <a href="#Birth_of_Ojadile" class ="nav-link">Birth of Ojadile</a >
                                              <a href="#Travails_of_a_youth" class="nav-link">Travails of a youth </a>
                                                              <a href="#A_new_dawn" class="nav-link">A new dawn</a >
                                                                              <a href="#Battle_of_kings" class="nav-link">Battle of kings</a >
                                                                                              <a href="#Fall_of_an_emperor" class="nav-link ">Fall of an emperor</a >

/* file: styles.css */

{background :#38b;
padding :5px;
margin :0 4px;}

@media(min-width:1000px) {#main-doc{background :#32a;
padding :2px;
margin :2px;}}


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It’s still asking for media query when I have two already so I am a bit confused there

Why the capital L in link?

I don’t think that’s the issue it’s requesting for at least one query to run but I have two so I don’t know what I am doing wrong

Did you try writing the link correctly? It also looks like the href is wrong too.

This is the only issue here Sir


  1. write ‘link’ not ‘Link’

  2. fix your href for the link, the value has a typo

Yeah already done but the issue remains the media query

What is your fixed link element?

I don’t get can you explain

This is wrong. What did you change this part into?

you are importing “style.css” instead of “styles.css”
use this instead

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can you show us?
thanks then we can help cos we cannot show u the answer only help you

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It’s the only css requirement so you need to import css correctly for it to be satisfied, if you still have the issue please let us know what’s your updated code

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Thanks alot fam really appreciate

Thanks man really appreciate

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