So I'm going to help my Pastor create a church website

So I told my pastor at my church that I wanted to help the church in some way, and I mentioned that I know a bit about web design, which I do. I have made websites in terms of projects, and I need practice on some more, but I’ve only completed the Responsive Web Design section so far, though I plan to study and grind hard over the next two weeks on the other sections, but mostly just for an hour a day, so I don’t burn myself out. I don’t really know much about anything else, but am willing to learn, obviously.

He said that he’s planning on buying a website domain, so I’m thinking I could use that and maybe do this without any cost, but I’m still not quite sure what I’m getting myself into.

All I know is, for whatever reason, I feel like I can do it. Or at least try. It’s not like I’ve got much better to do with my time, and I WANT to be useful. That’s why I chose to do this. And having gone to church has giving me this odd sense of will and faith that I needed.

My goal this week is to:

  • Fast for three days, starting Monday.
  • Begin taking the first steps towards building a church website
  • Study at freeCodeCamp for one hour a day
  • Work my online part-time job for one hour a day (mandatory)

The rest of the time, I’m just gonna either sleep or meditate.

So just, pray for me or wish me luck, I suppose.


Best of luck to you! I can’t see this being too hard of a project because it should just be static web pages displaying information on the church and maybe some events coming up.

You could always use wordpress or something similar if you want to make the experience easier for someone to write their own story or what not.

I know you can do this though, just focus and remember that as it stands currently your church doesn’t have a website at all! Literally anything would be an improvement.

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Making a free site for your church while you learn the ropes is an incredibly well worn path taken by many developers before you.

It would be good to spend some time thinking both about what your church needs and what you are able to do before you begin. Then draw up a plan of what you think you’ll make and present that to your pastor. Even though this is a charitable gig (presumably) you want to treat your pastor like a ‘real’ client, if only so you also get the practice of thinking about your craft as a professional.

It will be tempting to think that you want to also provide the ability for your pastor to blog regularly, upload podcasts of the sermon, and create a social network etc all in your page… Some bigger churches do all that stuff, and one day you might want to offer these things. But for now keep it simple: static pages, include key information like service times, location, what a newcomer might expect. Make sure you get the pastor’s input on this stuff.

Good luck!


I’d break the project up into sections so that it doesn’t feel insurmountable. You might also inform your pastor that because you are new to this, you’re giving him a break in price but will expect leniency in when it will be completed. You’re doing this on the side and hopefully he will understand that it might take longer than a couple of weeks. This all depends on what kind of features he needs for the site. Also, be wary of scope creep!

Wow amazing good idea I think you can do this and you will help people is the best thing to do just remember why you want to do this(increase your skills, …) but at the end of the day the final result will be you help people.
It’ll not be hard it will be just something with HTML CSS and JS(pearhaps) but if you want to add backend for example donation payment it’ll be good too.
Hope you the best JUST DO IT

Go for it! Give it your 100%!

Personal Anecdote: My web dev business accidentally got started because of a website I did for our church – a website I did while still learning!

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What a fantastic idea! Funny thing, before I read your post I was thinking the same about mine :slightly_smiling_face:
I say go for it! It is a project good for everyone. Good luck!