So many id's required in the projects

When it comes to the projects it’s asking to impliment so many id’s… shouldn’t these be used more sparingly?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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ids are a way to uniquely identify an element, and they are needed by the tests to verify you are following the user stories

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As said they are just for the tests.

You don’t even have to use them to style the elements. As long as the correct elements with the correct ids are styled according to any CSS requirements you can use class, element type, etc. selectors.

Thanks, i just remembered keeping one id per page but as you say they’re just for the test. Much appreciated!

Just to be clear. It’s not one id per page. It’s that an id must be unique within the document/page.
There can be multiple id's as long as they don’t have the same value.

I understand now I think, as long as different values are applied to each id there shouldn’t be any issues hopefully

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