So stuck at the intermediate algorithm scripting part

So as the title says, I’ve reached the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section and I am having serious doubts about myself. I’ve only managed to pass 3 on my own for the rest i ended up searching for solutions. I feel like i haven’t learned anything and I am not cut out for this, So I’m wondering if I can’t find a solution to these
will I have what i takes to work as a web developer. Any advice on how to proceed? Should i give up or maybe just stick to front-end and UX/UI?

How long did you work on the problems you gave up on before giving up?

Mostly when i would hit a dead end. When i couldn’t solve the problem with my pseudo code.

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Often, the “ready, fire, aim” approach gets me through a problem quickly, but it can get you into trouble coding. It’s tempting to look at a problem and throw code you’ve previously used at it, hoping that some rearrangement of it will make things work in the way you think they’re supposed to. However, you can really end up spinning your wheels doing things this way. I would say, if you’re not doing it already, after you’ve looked up a solution, really dig deep into that solution’s code; read through it until you understand not only how it solves the particular problem it was applied to, but how it works in general, and how it can be applied to other problems.

In short, rather than getting a solution and moving on to the next problem, spend as much time as is necessary getting to the point where you understand the solution code from top to bottom and bottom to top.

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why don’t you start using the “Ask for help” button? people would give you hints, point out errors
and you could arrive to the solution on your own

anyway, the answer to “how to get better” is, practice! practice, and more practice

I have similar situations like yours. I myself started on JavaScript ES6 and frankly it has a lot to take in besides constructors and template literals. Practice makes perfect, is what they all say. It’s okay to look up for solutions (i did the same lol) but it’s more important to remember what your weakness is. Find those weaknesses and target them and do more problems. Repeat problems if necessary, always look for simpler solutions. NEVER GIVE UP

Write code every day. Read blog posts, listen to podcasts, watch conference talks, discuss solutions with your peers, pair program. Stick to it, don’t take month long breaks from coding. 30 minutes a day every day is better than two full days once a month.

The knowledge compounds, you cannot expect to become an expert problem solver after doing a hundred primitive gamified challenges. Spaced repetition is a thing.

If you can’t solve some challenge despite all the hints that are given to you, come back to it a week after you’ve solved it via looking up a solution on the web. That should be enough time to forget the specifics but you’ll still remember the idea/process if you’ve retained anything at all.

Now, if you still can’t solve the problem on your own after that - you’re in trouble, that means you might wanna try a different approach to learning, maybe a different resource, maybe try a MOOC, maybe go over the basics. Clearly that means the FCC way of going about the algo challenges is not a good fit for you.

You should not make any judgement about your capabilities or your potential as a developer based on you doing well in these challenges. Everyone is different, we all have our own preferred ways of learning it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of deal. The important thing is to stick to it and continue on your journey. Good luck, my friend, you can do it!