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    <h2>Mortal Kombat Tournament Survey Results</h2>

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    <p>Thank you to everyone for responding to Master Camper Cat's survey. The best day to host the vaunted Mortal Kombat tournament is <time datetime="2016-09-15">Thursday, September 15<sup>th</sup></time>. May the best ninja win!</p>

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        <p>Posted by: Sub-Zero on <time datetime="2016-08-13T20:01Z">August 13<sup>th</sup></time></p>

        <p>Johnny Cage better be there, I'll finish him!</p>



        <p>Posted by: Doge on <time datetime="2016-08-15T08:12Z">August 15<sup>th</sup></time></p>

        <p>Wow, much combat, so mortal.</p>



        <p>Posted by: The Grim Reaper on <time datetime="2016-08-16T00:00Z">August 16<sup>th</sup></time></p>

        <p>Looks like I'll be busy that day.</p>




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Challenge: Standardize Times with the HTML5 datetime Attribute

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