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sp in the solution the loop is initiated at (i) and then stopping conditions is when (i <= Math.sqrt(num)), so it stops at i less than or EQUAL TO sqrt of 9 => 3
so if we provided num at 9, sqrt is 3, so (i) inside the loop will reach the value 3,(9%3=0)
but 9 is not a prime number !!
when I console.log the num for some reason it never reaches 3, it goes 2.3, 2.4, 2.6,…2.8
not sure how is this possible!

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function sumPrimes(num) {
let arr=[];
// for (let i=num; i >= 0; i--){
//   arr.push(i)

// }
// let primeNums = arr.filter(number => number%number)

function isPrime(num){
  if (num < 2) return false;
  for(let i=2; i <= Math.sqrt(num); i++){
    console.log(Math.sqrt(num), i)
    if(num%i == 0) return false
  } return true

let sum =0;
for (let i=2; i < num ; i++){
  if (isPrime(i) === true) {
    sum += i
// console.log(sum)
//  console.log(isPrime(3)) 

return sum;

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Challenge: Sum All Primes

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I’m a bit confused about what you are asking.

isPrime(9) will return false as you’ve written it above because 9%3===0.

nvm, I was confused after a long session in that section. I see how confusing this is. I get it now.
thanks for the response

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