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<h1>How to Become a Ninja</h1>


  <h2>Learn the Art of Moving Stealthily</h2>

  <h3>How to Hide in Plain Sight</h3>


  <h3>How to Climb a Wall</h3>

  <h2>Learn the Art of Battle</h2>

  <h3>How to Strengthen your Body</h3>


  <h3>How to Fight like a Ninja</h3>

  <h2>Learn the Art of Living with Honor</h2>

  <h3>How to Breathe Properly</h3>

  <h3>How to Simplify your Life</h3>


Challenge: Use Headings to Show Hierarchical Relationships of Content

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Can you please post the code that you tried doing before you asked for help. After you do this we can help you further

Thank You

don’t worry, I got it!

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