[SOLVED] Chart.js Instantiation Error

For those who worked on the voting app project, did any of you use chart js? I’ve followed the documentation to the letter, and I’m getting the error:
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of null
at acquireContext (bundle.js:65850)
at new Chart.Controller (bundle.js:65903)
at new Chart (bundle.js:62577)
at ChartVisual.render (bundle.js:89186)
And this is my code: (I intentionally left out the return content for the sake of brevity, but it contains the required canvas element to be passed in to the constructor.)

const colors = ["#ff0000", "#ffff00", "#ffa500", "#008000", "#800080", "#ff00ff", "#0000ff", "#9acd32", "#00ff00", "#00ced1", "#d2691e"];
        const data = {
            labels: this.props.choices,
                datasets: [{
                    data: this.props.chartData,
                    backgroundColor: chartColors,
                    hoverBackgroundColor: chartColors
        let chartColors = colors.slice(0, this.props.choices.length);
        let ctx = document.getElementById("dataChart");
        let chart = new Chart(ctx, {
            type: "doughnut",
            data: data

The error seems to suggest this.props.choices is equal to null. Can you log it?

Wow thanks for the quick reply! And yeah I checked my props already, it’s defined. Based on the logs I did, the error happens after I put the canvas element into a variable.

Do you have a Codepen?

EDIT My bad it is the voting app, Github maybe?

Yeah, here’s my git repo: https://github.com/codefu-chivy/pollers-app

You should really use a .gitignore file. Your username and password for your database should not be uploaded to Github.

Yeah, I know…I had uploaded my files pretty hastily. I’ll make sure to correct this. I had used an env file to hide my passwords but for some reason it wasn’t working. Should the env file go into the root directory?

Not sure if that matters, as long as you add inside your .gitignore.

I have to admit I don’t have much experience with React, but is ctx defined? I mean, can you access DOM elements that are inside of the return( ... )?

Aha! I did not check that before. I tried logging ctx to the console and it is indeed null. Not sure why though. I thought it was possible to access virtual DOM elements from the render function. I’ll have to figure out another way then. Thanks for pointing that out!

Got it! I used one of the React lifecycle methods, “componentDidMount” to make sure that the element was loaded before storing it into the variable.