[solved] Help with dropdown in navigation bar please?


Happy Monday!

Would love some help with my dropdown in the navigation bar please :slight_smile: ?


  • The hoover CSS isn’t working, see image #1 below. (it only works if I change the dropOut class from position: absolute to position: relative, but if I do that the dropOut div forces the parent divs to grow in height and that destroys the design, making the navbar too tall. This hack is shown in image #2 below). Intended behaviour: That the dropdown overflows into the page beyond the navbar (not increasing the navbar height)

See image #1:

  • I can’t manage to have the bottom shadow border of the dropdown show up. It is for some reason transparent. Intended behaviour: A bottom shadow border that can be seen.

See image #2:

Would love some pointers!

I’ve got it sorted now.

For others having the same issue:

Look into parent divs and make overflow:visible in the div that will enable the dropdown content to overflow into the screen