[SOLVED]Navbar links not shown on mobile

Hi, I have been working on the voting app on the backend project and most things have been going well, however when I checked the site on my mobile phone the navbar didn’t show any links, only the brand name. Here is a link to the site https://createpolls.herokuapp.com/ and here is the repo https://github.com/loolys/vote2 The relevant file is probably in src/components/app/NavigationBar.js. Does anyone know what could be wrong, or is it just a bug on my phone?

I think it’s because of the navbar-collapse class. How about adding a button to show the links (like the example in the bootstrap docs)? But I still don’t know how you’d include the bootstrap.js file to make it work (maybe it’s as simple as adding an import statement on the file?)

Thank you, I think I know what the problem is now, I will have to use a package called react-bootstrap instead to get it to work with react. The bootstrap file was just loaded in the index.html file from a cdn.