Solved # Portfolio - The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport

First of all, Hello everyone, my first post here :smiley:
I am building my projects for FCC Responsive Web Design Projects, in particular now at the Portfolio, and I am stuck.
Also, I am having major issues with making things “fit” nicely together, I understand the lines of code I have, and I understand what they do, but mostly, layouts/positioning I cant just figure it out, is this an issue everyone has when starting?

link here for codepen daliol/pen/GLBOGm

Portfolio related question:
As the title says, navbar to the top, HOW!!! haha its a nightmare

Thanks in advance,

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Your nav bar has a margin value which is causing it to be pushed down. Try reassigning the margin values for the nav ul element in your CSS. :slight_smile:

I corrected the values, the nav bar is now on TOP, but it doesnt pass the test. Any sugestion? :frowning:

I also dont understand why the following text has an hyperlink… Is it something I am not seeing?
“Let’s work together…
How do you take your coffee?”

Are you still having issues? Your link isnt working anymore. Can I get an updated link if you’re still having problems?

@RadDevDad Thank you for the help! I managed to solve it the hard way, new file, start over. :face_vomiting:
But hey, its done! :smiley:

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Hey , I am facing the same issue. Could you help me please?

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