SOLVED - Radio Button value attribute/Value

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Trying to submit this code. I am receiving an error that my radio buttons are needing a value attribute and value… What is the mistake here? Are there specific values I should be putting in as opposed to the ones I’ve chosen?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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It’s difficult to answer your question without seeing your code.

For the radio buttons, user story 13 says:

Inside the form element, you can select an option from a group of at least two radio buttons that are grouped using the name attribute

So, your form should have at least 2 radio buttons that

  • form a group (from which only one radio button should be selected)
  • and all have a name attribute with the same value.

If that doesn’t make sense, you could look at step 25 in the “Building a Registration Form” section of the course.

If you need to post again on this though, please do try to include at least the code for your radio buttons.

Here is the code for my radio buttons.
Sorry it wasn’t already linked.

     <label for"recommendation">How likely is it that you would recommend Dylan Ratell to a friend?</label>
     <fieldset id="recommendation">
       <label for="r_definitely"><input type="radio" name="recommend" id="r_definitely" required>Definitely</label>
       <label for="r_maybe"><input type="radio" name="recommend" id="r_maybe" required>Maybe</label>
       <label for="r_not_sure"><input type="radio" name="recommend" id="r_not_sure" required>Not sure</label>

It is figured out. My apologies, I was looking in the wrong section… My radio buttons had no value entered at all. I appreciate you!

I’m glad you figured it out - well done!