SOLVED: ReactJS question - Transitions between Rerenders

Hi there folks. A beginner here in need of some help.

Is it possible to modify the transition between re-renders in ReactJS? i.e. so the changes don’t seem too abrupt after a state update and part of, or the whole of, the page needs to be re-rendered. A simple example would be a Random Quote Generator where changes in the background color and quote are smooth rather than abrupt.

Thanks in advance.
Will clarify further if needed.

You would use CSS to control the rate of change between background colors and such.

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Thanks, I’m trying it out. Should this also work for css declared within React components where the value of the properties are modified through changes in the state?

Actually, scratch that. It works fine for CSS properties. Surprisingly simple. Thank you very much. I wonder if there’s a similar fix for changing text.