[SOLVED] Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://wind-bow.gomix.me/twitch-api/streams/destiny

I am trying to do the twitch api project but my get request returns ‘Cross origin request blocked’. I am using the api link provided by free code camp ‘https://wind-bow.glitch.me/’ and I’m not sure how to solve this. From looking on stackoverflow I have to change how I make my GET request somehow, but I’m not sure in what way change how I format it so it will work. Can anyone help me with this please I will appreciate it. Here is the link to my codepen with the problem https://codepen.io/icewizard/pen/qpyZqa .

Use glitch.me, not gomix.me. Those instructions were made when glitch was still gomix, and it hasn’t updated since :frowning:

thanks im getting a response now