[SOLVED] Two ways of Storing Values with the Assignment Operator?

Hi so I was doing this challenge where I had to assign the value 7 to variable a and then assign the contents of variable a to variable b.

I did the second option first and was able to passed the test. Then I found out I did it slightly differently from what FCC told me. Was what I did considered correct as well? Or should I scratch that and just do the first option.


  1. You only use the var keyword when you are first declaring a variable. You don’t use it again for the same variable.
var a = 7;
var b = 7; // this line doesn't do anything meaningful because the contents of b are immediately replaced
b = 7; // this immediately overwrites the value that was previously stored in b

Oh thank you, I accidentally added var on the last row for both of them.

Imagine the var the the end are gone of both of them. Would the bottom option still be correct?

You still want to use var the first time that you create (“declare”) a variable.

Thanks for the help, I got it now.