[solved] Weather icons hosted on personal site aren't showing on codepen - only showing empty box

UPDATE: Well, I finally managed to get it working…I had to put all the code in a separate pin, using edited code from the demo.html file included with the download to reflect my file locations. Also ended up putting the files on my dropbox instead of my personal site. The icons at least show up now…though the layered ones don’t show layered properly and I still see the edge of the dot from the li element on the right side. Obviously still more work to do. But my general problem is solved, at least. This post can be deleted, if anyone can tell me how to do that or a moderator wants to remove it for me.

Here’s my current pen:


The part I’m working on right now is at the top, right between the “enter your zip” and “this is a simple”. It’s supposed to show a sun. I’m using the http://forecastfont.iconvau.lt/ set, which I’ve downloaded to my computer and then loaded onto my personal site. I fixed up the @font-face links to use cross-origin.me (as my site doesn’t do the https right now), and added the two files in the css folder as links in the pen settings section. Buuuuuut it only shows me an empty box, and not the actual icon. And I don’t understand why.

If anyone could help me out here, maybe give me a hint to get the font/icons working, I’d sure appreciate it!